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Comal County Junior Livestock Show Association

2010 Grand and Reserve Grand Winners

Grand Champion Steer-Kandra AckerReserve Champion Steer-Megan Zercher
Grand Champion Heifer-Lynae AelvoetReserve Champion Heifer-Katilin O'Brian
Grand Champion Hog-Matt PustkaReserve Champion Hog-Cody Quent
Grand Champion Lamb-Kaitlyn CraftReserve Champion Lamb-Kelsie Asher
Grand Champion Goat-Cody DeesReserve Champion Goat-Kyra Quinn
Grand Champion Turkey Tom-Sharris VaderReserve Champion Turkey Tom-Shelby Steinbach
Grand Champion Turkey Hen-Madeline ScotchReserve Champion Turkey Hen-Marissa Vader
Grand Champion Broiler-Brooke WoodardReserve Champion Broiler-Sophie Machalec
Grand Champion Rabbit-Tyler VineyardReserve Champion Rabbit-Caitlin Haney

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